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Breast Augmentation

Breast augmentation

Breast Augmentation is a personal decision that can change your self-esteem, your confidence and your life. If you are unhappy with the size or shape of your breasts, then Breast Augmentation surgery may be just what you're looking for.

When performed by a skilled surgeon with a keen artistic eye, Breast Augmentation is not simply a matter of making a woman's breasts "bigger." The goal of Breast Augmentation should always be to restore balance and proportion to a woman's figure, helping her to feel more attractive, confident, and comfortable with her body. It takes a special talent to accomplish the delicate task of enhancing and complementing the beauty that was already there, with completely natural looking results.

By increasing their fullness and projection, your breasts will appear more voluptuous. Breast Augmentation surgery can also help make your breasts more proportionate with the rest of your body. When your figure is more balanced, your self-esteem will undoubtedly increase.

Breast Augmentation, also called an augmentation mammaplasty, uses breast implants to fulfill your wish for fuller breasts. This surgery can also restore breast volume that you may have lost after bearing children or losing weight. If you were injured or had to have a mastectomy because of cancer or other misfortune, a breast enhancement can restore your confidence with reconstructed breasts.

 Dr Kim Son Vu, has performed many Breast Augmentation procedures, consistently meeting and exceeding the expectations of his patients. He understands that no two women are exactly alike, and, therefore, each breast augmentation procedure must be customized to suit the needs, goals, and body type of each individual patient.

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Good Candidates

Breast Augmentation is an incredibly individualized surgery. If you are considering this procedure, you should do it only for yourself and not to please someone else. You should also have realistic expectations. You should note that breast implants are not guaranteed to last a lifetime and future surgery may be required to replace one or both implants. Also keep in mind that pregnancy, weight loss and menopause may influence the appearance of your altered breasts throughout your lifetime.

Whether you feel your breast size is too small, you have experienced a reduction in breast volume after pregnancy, or wish to balance a difference in breast size, we want you to feel completely confident in your decision to have breast augmentation surgery. Our office provides the ideal setting for comfortable, private and entirely confidential consultations, in which all your questions and concerns regarding Breast Augmentation are addressed openly and honestly. We will discuss your options and offer his professional opinion on which technique is most appropriate for you, based on your current anatomy, skin tone and individual goals. As part of the consultation process, we will invite you to examine before and after photographs of his work; our primary concern is the complete satisfaction of our patients.

Breast Augmentation will not:

Correct sagging or drooping breasts. If sagging is your main concern, you should consider a Breast Lift. This procedure works by removing excess skin and tissue, lifting the breast, and repositioning your nipple. A Breast Augmentation changes only the size and shape of your breast. Often times, however, these two procedures are completed together. Depending on your body and your needs, the procedures may be done in the same operation, or they may take different operations.

The Procedure

Your cosmetic surgeon will make a discreet incision in the crease where the breast meets the chest, around the areola (the dark skin surrounding the nipple), or in the armpit, inserting the Breast Implant below or above the muscle. Your breast tissue will be cut and raised, and the implant will be placed underneath. Your implant can go either directly under your breasts, behind the chest muscle, or in a Dual plane, in which the implant is partially behind the muscle and partially behind the breast tissue. Dr Kim Son Vu will discuss these various options with you and tailor the operation to meet your needs.

Breast Implants

Breast Implants are now available in both saline and silicone gel for Breast Augmentation. Dr Kim Son Vu uses a variety of breast implants using different sizes and shaped implants. Dr Kim Son Vu will discuss the differences between the two implants, address any safety concerns, and help guide you in selecting the best implant for you.

Because Breast Augmentation surgery is as much of an art as it is a science, Dr Kim Son Vu will discuss the various options and types of breast implants with you and help create the look you are trying to achieve.

The implants used are entirely safe, pose no supported health threat, and have no effect on a woman's future ability to breast feed. From beginning to end, breast augmentation is currently one of the safest surgical procedures you can undergo.

Breast Implant Exchange / Removal

For symptomatic or medical reasons, you may wish to have your Breast Implants exchanged or removed. When embarking on breast augmentation, it is important to realize that at some later point in time, you should anticipate a second operation, either to replace the old implants (usually after 10-15 years) or to perform age-related modifications, such as a Breast Lift. You may decide that you wish to change the size of your implants or the type of implants you have. Some patients may experience capsular contracture (or tightening of natural scar tissue around the implant) that can cause breast firmness. Contracture occurrence is unpredictable and, when severe, may require corrective surgery. For some patients, exchanging saline implants for silicone implants can help.

Should you be considering removing your Breast Implants entirely, we invite you toschedule a consultation appointment with us, to discuss your options. To achieve optimal results with implant removal, you may need to consider a Breast Lift in conjunction with the removal.

At our practice, we take a thoughtful approach to the question of Breast Implant exchange or removal, evaluating each patient's individual concerns and goals, and developing a customized surgery plan to achieve the look you desire.

Be sure to view breast augmentation before and after photos to see examples of patient results. In addition, breast lift surgery, breast reduction, and male breast reduction are performed by our surgeon.


29 Balmoral Ave,


- 350 Springvale Road, SPRINGVALE VIC 3171


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